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Project HPP-04: EPS, “Vrla 2″ HPP, 2A and 2B Units,



Basic Project Data

Project Name: Implementation of Protection and Vibration Monitoring System – “Turnkey Project”
Investor: Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
Object Name: “Vlasinske HE” Surdulica, “Vrla 2? Hydro Power Plant, 2A and 2B Units
Installed Power/Turbine Type: Two Units, Total 24 MW/Francis
Object Location: Surdulica, Serbia
Brief Project Description: “Vrla 2” HPP has two units with Francis type turbines. The total installed power of the power plant is 24MW. This project is realized as part of the rehabilitation of the power plant control system. By now, delivery, installation and commissioning of two VM-600 monitoring systems by MEGGITT has been completed.
Both installed systems function as vibration protection systems independent of SCADA/DCS, however they are integrated into the power plant control system as well.

Protection levels are set according to ISO 10816-5:2000 and ISO 7919-5:2005 standards.

The project is realized jointly by MC-monitoring SA, Switzerland,  IMP Automation & Control Systems Ltd, Serbia, NORTH Protection Ltd and NORTH Control Ltd, both Members of the NORTH Group, Serbia:

  • MC-monitoring SA –  production and delivery of components and assemblies
  • IMP Automation & Control Systems Ltd – project preparation and SCADA/DCS connection
  • NORTH Protection Ltd – installation and commissioning
  • NORTH Control Ltd – quality and quantity control, testing, functional control and settings

Below is a schematic map of units and topology of sensors of the vibration protection system.


1. Measurement Line of Relative Shaft Vibration, ISO 7919-5
2. Measurement Line of Absolute Bearing Housing Vibration, ISO 10816-5
3. Measurement Line of Absolute Stator Core Vibration
4. Measurement Line of Rotor Axial Position
5. Measurement Line of Rotational Speed and Key Phasor