RSS-100 Rotation Speed Simulator | NORTH Control

RSS-100 Rotation Speed Simulator

Is designed for simulating rotating speed signal at machine start-up and shut-down, including over-speed alarm and trips checking. It is optimized especially for checking the stationary CMS in the off-line condition.

RSS-100 is a small and useful handheld electronic device with TFT color display and the IP65 protection level. It is a micro-controller-based digital device. It is intended for use by personnel dealing with various aspects of automatic control and protection systems, in particular related to the stationary On-line CMS, independent and/or supported by SCADA/DCS. It is used as an electronic signal simulator of rotating speed during the machine start-up, steady state operation and shut-down, as well as for checking over-speed protection system. All tests are performed in Off-line mode. The device has three Outputs: Digital – TTL (Transistor-Transistor Level logic output), Analog – Proximity Probe Output (simulates Proximity Probe Transducer) and Optical (LED Diode).